Our Ethics

As our operational activities transcend a global spectrum, we fully recognise the compliance of ethical, environmental and social responsibilities as a pre-condition for our company’s continued existence. We promote an unwavering commitment to safe and fair treatment of all employees, environmental protection and respect for cultural, ethnic, religious, political and philosophical differences among people. Our key focus areas are based on the following principles:

Respect for Human Rights:

We will always conduct ourselves with the highest regard for human rights. No representative of Global Design and Source shall ever discriminate on the grounds of nationality, race, religion, gender, disability or any other reason prohibited by applicable laws either domestically or internationally.

Compliance with the law:

We will always conduct ourselves in accordance with applicable laws and with a high degree of sensitivity to changes in social ethics or local practices.

Contributing to Society:

We will always conduct ourselves with an awareness of our corporate social responsibility in order to further progress society as a whole.

Environmental Consideration:

We will always seek to ensure our operational activities fully appreciate and respect the global environment.

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